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    #9. A novel Control scheme of Four Switch Buck-Boost converter for Super Capacitor Pre-Charger
    Hyeon-Jun Kwon; Ku-Yong Kim; Jun-Ho Kim
    (DOI) 10.1109/ACCESS.2024.3382715
    #8. Design and implementation of 1000 V 20 kW power module for electric vehicle fast charger
    Gi-Young Lee , Jun-Sung Park , Su-Yeon Cho , Wae-Gyeong Shin , Jun-Ho Kim
    2023.09.07 · Journal of Power Electronics · 23(10):1565-1575
    #7. 전기자동차 충전을 위한 고효율 파워모듈 개발
    박준성 (한국자동차연구원), 전유종 (한국자동차연구원), 나재호 (한국자동차연구원), 조수연 (한국자동차연구원), 신양진 (한국자동차연구원), 신외경 (한국자동차연구원), 김준호 (계명대학교)
    2022.10 · 한국자동차공학회논문집 · 30(10):785 - 792
    #6. 초소형 전기자동차용 고밀도 LDC 설계
    김태원, 이재원(계명대학교), 김준민(한성대학교), 김구용(주식회사 엠디엠), 김준호(계명대학교)
    2021.06 · 전력전자학회논문지 · 26(3):199 - 204
    #5. Light-Induced Fluorescence-Based Device and Hybrid Mobile App for Oral Hygiene Management at Home: Development and Usability Study
    Jun-Min Kim, Woo Ram Lee, Jun-Ho Kim, Jong-Mo Seo, Changkyun Im
    2020.10.16 · JMIR MHEALTH AND UHEALTH · 8(10):1-10
    #4. Analysis and Design of a Hybrid-Type Converter for Optimal Conversion Efficiency in Electric Vehicle Chargers
    Jun-Ho Kim; Moon-Young Kim; Gun-Woo Moon
    2016.10.31 · IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics · 64(4):2789-2800
    #3. Integrated Dual Full-Bridge Converter With Current-Doubler Rectifier for EV Charger
    Jun-Ho Kim; Il-Oun Lee; Gun-Woo Moon
    2015.03.30 · IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics · 31(2):942-951
    #2. Center-Cell Concentration Structure of a Cell-to-Cell Balancing Circuit With a Reduced Number of Switches
    Moon-Young Kim; Jun-Ho Kim; Gun-Woo Moon
    2013.11.20 · IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics · 29(10):5285 - 5297
    #1. A Chain Structure of Switched Capacitor for Improved Cell Balancing Speed of Lithium-Ion Batteries
    Moon-Young Kim; Chol-Ho Kim; Jun-Ho Kim; Gun-Woo Moon
    2013.11.01 · IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics · 61(8):3989 - 3999